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KIRAN Consultancy are the best and the TOP most and growing educational & direct admission consultants in Bangalore and all over India Born to provide a professional guidance and assist students who want to pursue their Graduation and Post Graduation in all Sciences,Engineering(B.E/B.Tech,MTech), Architecture,Medical (M.B.B.S/M.D/M.S/PhD),Law,and Management(B.B.A/M.B.A) fields.In short we provide The Youth i.e You a successful career to achieve Your dreams with our's years of unmatched experience,immense passion and Impeccable dedicated services.We shape The professional world.Now you are the One.

Direct admissions-Mangement quota-SCAMS-PARENTS BEWARE !!!

From news papers to television day after day new engineering and mbbs admission rackets,comed-k scams are coming in front of public .This has sparkedbe,mbbs admission scam checklist an advance with parents are students a fear of gaining admission in Bangalore Colleges through management quota.Direct admission is a Big game and there are big players involved.While cheating has become common nowadays,It is the foremost responsibility of the parents to be aware to know about the game and not deliberately fall for such foul traps.
Due to various rumours spreading about management seats ,People are worried about whom to trust in the admission arena.Inspite the knowledge that there are many guenine and registered admission consultants in Bangalore,Many parents still continue to fall in wrong thands of third party or commission agents who show them the greed of fees discount,very low unbelievable packages etc and later dupe them of their money.
What you people need to know about Direct admission process in Bangalore.Know about the truth and lies and follow the right guide for a safer and economical admission.
Remember engineering /medical or MBA seats are not a commodity.

You have the right to know How you can get cheated by scamsters and be cautious.

To trust admission consultants consultants or not ?
Admissions to engineering,medical,mba are seen dropping down in Bangalore over past few years.One of the reason being the high cost of donation in direct admission.The other reason being the unethical ways of admission practices carried out.To clear the doubts such malpractises of cheating and seat cancellations are carried out by third parties or agents who share their commissions.As said college seats are not commodities to give huge discounts or some percent off.Such brokers and con persons promise clients and lure them into their traps by offering huge discounts on fees and donation etc.Many SCAMSTERS pose themselves as college officials and in a jiffy your money vanishes. The impersonator posing as a college medical or engineering admission consultants convinces you book the seat by giving irresistable offers. Once they are sure about it a local tout who has a link between the college authorities and the impersonator ascertains that it is not taken by other party.Using this strategy the coolege reatains the seats under management quota.Such non quota seats are the sold at outrageous rates.This money is later shared between the people involved.
They often ask you to deposit a certain amount in their account first to book the seats.Remember you are not booking a railway or a movie ticket.One more way is to quote such an price which is unbelievable and convine the clients with 100 % assurance.And later at half admission stage reveal the extra amount to be paid .Insuch case the pooor parents have no other option left in midway.

About future prospects of admission through management regarding placement
It is true that you need to pay donation for admission in good cooleges and very high donation for top grade colleges through direct admission management quota.The other truth is that it does not make you seperate you from all other students admitted with resect to career,placements and employbility.All such carreer related questions solely depends upon your performance,intelligence ,skills and grades.These all are decided by the recruiter.

Is direct admission through management quota legal in India
Direct admission is legal in India.It is a doorway creating oppoortunity for all students.But only those percentage of seats which are alloted by the government with require eligibilityt,Beyond that through any shortcut or fraud means is illegal.This is only possible if you directly visist the college for information.If you find it difficult then You need to approach a registered and guininr admision consulatants such as KIRAN EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANCY to help you in your destination the most truthful and economical way.

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